Johs. Hoehener

Johs. Hoehener



"Johs. is an accomplished entrepreneur and business advisor with over 40 years of experience in financial services infrastructure. As a Partner at COMIT AG, he played a pivotal role during the initial phase of digitalization in the banking sector. In 2012, he founded e-research AG (now known as Swisscom e-foresight), a company that provided comprehensive research and trend analysis capabilities to its banking clients in the digital world. From 2016 to 2022, Johs. built up and led the Swisscom FinTech Cluster. His leadership and vision contributed significantly to the growth and innovation within the sector. In early 2022, Johs. decided to take early retirement, but his passion for the industry remains unwavering. Currently, he actively serves as an independent board member for several companies, including TI&M AG, AG, noumenadigital AG, daura AG, and go4Balance AG. Additionally, he supports various FinTech initiatives (e.g. FIND Sounding Board, Swiss Stable Coin AG) demonstrating his commitment to advancing disruptive technologies that democratize financial market processes, enhance user privacy, and promote sustainability.

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